Whats a competitive salary for a Optician in United States?

A Optician can expect a yearly competitive salary of


What Do Opticians Do?

Opticians make, sell, repair, and adjust eyeglasses. There are other eye practitioners, such as optometrists or ophthalmologists that can sometimes be confused with opticians. While optometry and ophthalmology are both disciplines that deal with the health and disease of the eye, opticians generally only deal with fitting and dispensing lenses.

What Is A Competitive Salary?

A competitive salary means that the salary being offered is equal to or more than the industry average for similar positions in the same location.

So although the salary isn’t specifically detailed – that doesn’t mean you can’t estimate a ballpark figure based on your own research. Using websites that allow you to search for competitive salaries depending on your job title is a great start, but we highly recommend you ask the employer in your first meeting the rough salary that's being offered for this role.

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